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You might have noticed that ASCIIX is fairly a new website with our services being new, but that’s not the case. ASCIIX was founded in 2015 by Pruthuvi Praveen. Soon after that, he gathered few other developers and managers to start the business providing solutions to the most common digital problems people had.

But is that where ASCIIX truly started? Short Answer, No.
Long Answer :

Looking Back

People have had digital problems for a long time in Sri Lanka and around the world. Problems like :

  • How do we get our business better?
  • How do we get more profit from our sales?
  • How do we expand our business?
  • How do we take our ideas and make them a profit?

The Solutions

Although it sounds like a physical solution, it’s not the case.

  • A Website developed for Online purchasing can help people get more sales.
  • Social Media properly managed can boost sales and customers in
  • Proper Branding will help any company startup without wasting time and spend unnecessary costs
  • Proper Optimization can help the website that you already own get to the first few hits in popular search engines, thus encouraging potential customers to visit your website.

Sounds simple enough right? Wrong.

Our True Start

To provide these solutions to people, Pruthuvi Praveen first started Lava Lake Developers back in 2013. With few people added to the team, Lava Lake Developers started developing its way into the industry.

In 2015, with the new team and services we provided, we rebranded as ASCIIX, an international solutions provider. We did not just focus on Sri Lanka but also on the international market, giving a helping hand to anyone in any country. ASCIIX had one goal in mind.

To Provide Professional Solutions for an Affordable Price!

With ASCIIX introduced, the experienced team continued to work on projects to provide solutions.

What more do we do?

Apart from providing web-based solutions, we have started CodeSight to provide Software-based solutions. Apart from this CodeSight also works on Game Development to make Mobile Games for entertainment.

Where do we go from here?

These are the companies we have created with providing solutions in mind. We plan to continue to provide solutions and work on new services in the future.


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